Deskman 11.0.465

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Data di rilascioMay 28, 2023
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Deskman is a security software for protecting workstations and locking down Windows efficiently.

Lock Down Windows with Deskman:

Block Anything

Hide the Start Menu, disable Ctrl-Alt-Del, disable the Control Panel, block Windows Explorer, protect desktop icons, disable USB drives...


Deskman is amazingly easy to use, and gets the job done. Apply restrictions and lock down workstations consistently.

Network Sync

Synchronize restrictions over your network automatically. Set up all workstations from any point, without breaking a sweat.

Kiosk Mode

Lock down desktops the way you want. Combine restrictions. Build a limited Start Menu.

Control Center

Every installation includes its own control center. Keep track of everything, everywhere.

Application Filter

Stop unwanted applications. Allow only a list of executables or folders. Block software installation.

Website Filter

Block websites, with your exceptions. Works with Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Internet Explorer.