Snap2IMG 2.01

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Data di rilascioApril 25, 2018
EditoreRL Vision - - Sweden
Descrizione dell'editore

Snap2IMG generates contact sheets (also known as thumbnail sheets or image index) for folders on your hard drive. The result is a larger image containing thumnails showing all the images in the folder. It can process a single folder or a complete folder structure, automatically generating a sheet for each subfolder. A large number of options allows you to style the sheets to your own liking. 


  • Process a single folder or all subfolders
  • Filenames automatically reflect the source folder
  • Handy preview feature for testing various settings
  • Change thumbnail size and aspect ratio
  • Show header, footer and filenames, with individual font settings
  • Texts can be customized using <tags>
  • Set background color or use a texture image
  • Styling effects include drop shadow, grayscale and borders
  • Change page margins and thumbnail spacing
  • Split large directories into many thumbnail sheets
  • Multithreaded render engine
  • Portable
  • Freeware