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RVTools 4.5.1
Nome del file: RVTools4.5.1.msi Dimensione del file: 6.89 MB Data aggiunta: January 16, 2024
Data di rilascioJanuary 16, 2024
EditoreRob de Veij -
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RVTools is a Windows .NET 4.6.1 application which uses VMware vSphere Management SDK 7.0 and CIS REST API to display information about your virtual environments.

Interacting with VirtualCenter 4.x, ESX Server 4.x, VirtualCenter 5.x, ESX Server 5.x, VirtualCenter 6.x, ESX Server 6.x, VirtualCenter 7.0 and ESX server 7.0 RVTools is able to list information about VMs, CPU, Memory, Disks, Partitions, Network, CD drives, USB devices. Snapshots, VMware tools, Resource pools, Clusters, ESX hosts, HBAs, Nics, Switches, Ports, Distributed Switches, Distributed Ports, Service consoles, VM Kernels, Datastores, multipath info, license info and health checks.

The information can be exported to csv and xlsx file(s). With a xlsx merge utility it’s possible to merge muliple vCenter xlsx reports to a single xlsx report.