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Nume de fișier: AssaultCube_v1.3.0.2_LockdownEdition.dmg Mărime fișier: 58.47 MB Data adaugata: September 3, 2023
Data de lansareAugust 25, 2022
EditorRabid Viper Productions -
Descrierea editorului

AssaultCube is a FREE, multiplayer, first-person shooter game, based on the CUBE engine.

Taking place in realistic environments, with fast, arcade gameplay, it's addictive and fun!

With efficient bandwidth usage, it's low-latency and can even run over a 56Kbps connection. 

It's tiny too, weighing in at a lightweight 40 MB package available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

On the correct settings, it can even run on old hardware (Pentium III and above).

Features in a nut-shell:

  • It's FREE.
  • Source code is available under a zlib-like open source license.
  • Low latency, it can even run across a 56Kbps connection!
  • Lightweight size, only 40MB to download, plus additional maps average 20KB each!
  • With the correct settings, it can run on old hardware (Pentium III and above).
  • Officially runs on most major systems, and maybe even some non-major ones?
  • Has a built in, in-game map editor to help players create their own maps and allows for 
  • co-operative editmode in realtime with others!
  • Features a single-player bot system.
  • Supports recording of your game by the "demo" system.
  • Contains 12 multiplayer game modes, including: Deathmatch, Survivor, Capture the Flag, Hunt the Flag, Keep the Flag, Pistol Frenzy, Last Swiss Standing & One-Shot One-Kill (plus team versions of these modes).
  • Comes pre-packaged with 26 different maps!