Permadelete 0.6.2

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Installer | Permadelete_0.6.2.exe | 4.23 MB | VirusTotal Scan report
Portable | | 1.62 MB | VirusTotal Scan report
Giá bánMiễn phí
Phiên bản0.6.2
Ngày phát hànhApril 24, 2023
Các hệ điều hànhWindows
Nhà xuất bảnPermadelete -
Mô tả của nhà xuất bản

When a file is deleted, only a reference to the location of the file is deleted. In other words, the file system just “forgets” about the existence of the file. But the actually data, the 0’s and 1’s, still remain on the disk. They will eventually be replaced by other files and data, but this can take a long long time and during this time recovery softwares can be used to recover the “deleted” files. But file shredding apps like Permadelete make sure the files you delete can’t be recovered.

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