Oracle JDeveloper

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Oracle JDeveloper provides a productive development environment that covers the full development life cycle. JDeveloper integrates features that address many technologies used for building standards-based enterprise applications.

Some of the important features of Oracle JDeveloper are:

  • Integrates development features for Java, SOA, Web 2.0, Database, XML and web services into a single development tool.
  • Covers the full development life cycle from initial design and analysis, through the coding and testing phases, all the way to deployment.
  • Focuses on increasing developers productivity by offering a visual and declarative approach to application design that provides a simpler way to define the components that construct an application, simplifying or eliminating tedious coding.
  • Integrates the full set of features needed to develop composite applications with features that address technologies such as Java, Database, web page design, web services and XML, Fusion Middleware, and others.
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