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mbox-viewer.exe-v1.0.3.34.zip | 42.69 MB | VirusTotal Scan report
Release DateSeptember 17, 2022
Operating SystemsWindows
PublisherMbox Viewer - https://github.com/eneam/mboxviewer
Publisher's Description

A simple viewer to view mbox files such as Thunderbird Archives, Google mail archives or simple Eml files.


  • large file support > 4Gb;
  • fast parsing of mbox;
  • quick access to attachments;
  • preview picture attachments;
  • export of all attachments;
  • export of single mail in Eml;
  • export of all mails to separate Eml files;
  • print all or multiple selected mails to CSV or Text or HTML or PDF file;
  • print single mail to Text or HTML or PDF file or to send to PDF printer;
  • group all related mails as conversations in the summary window;
  • print related mails/mail group to Text or HTML or PDF or CSV files or send to PDF printer;
  • open a single or multiple selected mails or group of related mails in external browser;
  • sort emails by date, from, to, subject and conversation columns;
  • find user defined text in the message and highlight all occurrences;
  • search mails by user defined date range and text in the subject, sender, recepient, cc, bcc, message text, attachments text and attachment names;
  • search for mails that didn't match the search criteria specified by a user;
  • support for header fields and body text encoded with any Windows supported character sets/page codes;
  • ability to compose mail list from single or multiple search results and archiving if desired;
  • ability to set Message Window position to Bottom, Right or Left;
  • ability to merge/concatenate multiple archive files and remove duplicate mails;
  • ability to customize the background color of key display panes;
  • ability to customize the HTML/PDF mail header output;
  • view raw mail header;
  • forward mails directly from MBox Viewer;
  • support for Gmail Labels;
  • support for Thunderbird exported mail files;