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PhotoMirage is easy-to-use photo editing software that lets you transform still images into dynamic, eye-catching animations. No need for any video editing experience, PhotoMirage uses basic photo-editing tools to create stunning animated results that stand out in social media posts, websites, and other online sharing sites.

Transform any image into a captivating animation in three simple steps

Whether you want to boost social engagement, drive results on the web, or simply have fun with photos, PhotoMirage™ is your key to creating attention-grabbing photo animations that engage, inspire and transfix.

Boost social media engagement

Moving images have viral appeal. Not only do they engage an audience’s emotions, but they also spark intrigue. They are like an illusion—not quite a photo and not quite a video.

PhotoMirage is the extraordinary tool that helps you break through the visual clutter. It’s easy to create scroll-stopping, share-worthy photo animations that will capture and hold the attention of viewers, and advance your social media game.

Drive results with stand-out web content

Get noticed in a whole new way! Use the hypnotic appeal of photo animation to remedy decreasing attention spans and an overabundance of static visual content. PhotoMirage provides a refreshing way to attract attention in a competitive digital landscape.

Use PhotoMirage to create an original animated background for your website or blog, and watch your conversions grow.