Treasure Island

Treasure Island

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Are you really fond of travelling and adventures? Treasure Island is a good chance for you to step into the boots of an inveterate traveler! During the trip you will enjoy the beautiful nature of the Caribbean Islands. Some pirates have hidden their treasures on them and your goal is to collect all the coins! In the game you travel along the path which is shown on the old map and explore every location.

Game rules are clear enough! You will see lots of objects on the playing board - rings, crowns, diamonds, bowls, and pieces of gold. You should connect three or even more things into a line, horizontally, vertically or diagonally. As soon as you match several items in a line, they all fly in the box and increase your score. You have to take away all treasures from the game board.

There are two game models in Treasure Island - Classic and Timeless. Classic one will help you test your speed and reaction. Here you have only three lives. Timeless model offers more tranquil game. Here you can enjoy game play without any time limits. Pay attention to bonuses!

In Treasure Island they are given to you for the great performance and increase your total score. The scenery of the game is excellent! Green palms, yellow sand, blue sky and an old pirates' ship moored in a beautiful harbor. All the views are unique and are drawn professionally. And the most cheerful moment in the game is the end of each level! The skeleton starts dancing under the rain of treasures to congratulate the winner.